Orca Rubbing Stone

A special stone from a special place where special beings rub their big black and white bodies on the soft pebbles. This must mean they feel good so why not enjoy them ourselves? I plucked a handful of these stones from a beach on northern Vancouver Island just for that reason. Use them in the bath, to massage sore joints, or to sooth in your hand when feeling stressed. Let the oils of your hand turn the stone black and silky. Enjoy!

SOLD. This was a custom order.

Sea Glass Fever

I have it and I have it bad. Do you know what I mean? Do you have the hots for something too? I never would have thought that little bits of glass could really do it for me. It’s now gotten to the point where if I spot even a sparkle of glass on a road I stop to inspect it. Since an early age I have always been seduced by rocks and gems so that is nothing new for me, it’s just something I put away in my life for about 20 years. When given the chance however I will get down close to the ground and inspect for hidden gems.

Along the way I have also collected sea glass but then stopped because I was too engaged in a city life back in Toronto. That makes me wonder now however, where would I find sea glass around Toronto? because I have seen some of the spectacular samples from the Great Lakes on websites. I am a sea glass nut. My eyes gaze towards the ground addicted to the possibility of something breaking my trance. I can’t say that I am really colour preferred however the ultimate top prizes would be a large chunk of cobalt blue or aquamarine. In all my many days and hours of scouring shorelines I have only acquired 3 of these rare finds!!! I know from doing research online that you can find a fair amount of it but not here! When I see pictures of other people’s finds from other parts of the world and I see volumes of red, blue, aqua and I feel this urgent rush of jealousy but in a good way as it makes me feel alive. In fact it inspires me to want to travel and I know where I want to go next !

Because I have only ever found 3 decent sized blue pieces I have rated them at the top of my collection putting a rather steep dollar value to them. I did this in away so that no one would want to buy them and I would get to keep them. Well easier just to say SOLD! Sold to myself and my partner who found them. They will forever be our treasures providing and reminding us of the hope of finding one again. The ultimate sea glass hunt is always lead with this possibility because to us it’s the equivalent of finding gold. You just don’t know what you will find and how you will come to treasure it as so. It’s like being a kid again, going on a treasure hunt and in this case the good news is that the treasure hunt never seems to end.

While I pound away at my keyboard, I break into distracting thoughts of the tidal levels, the sea surges and what it may be coughing up at this very moment. What if there is a big frosty thick piece of blue or aqua sea glass just laying there waiting for me to find it? It’s enough to make me drop anything and run. Am I crazy? obsessed? insane? All are possible but one thing I know for a fact is that it feels awesome and brings so much joy to my life. The process of discovering sea glass is a healing act unto itself. Mindful walking, meditative pebble glazing, in the moment processing gives my poor brain a break from all the fast past thoughts electrocuting my mind. Ahhh, it is quiet only the sound of breaking waves hitting stones rolling about. It’s a sound that soothes us all.

It’s funny when I am hunting and see people watching me, pondering what could I be looking for that is that interesting? What secret do I know that they don’t? Then my eyes fall upon a person doing what appears to be what I am doing and realize that I am not the only one experiencing this glass bliss, I am not the only one completely entranced by this experience. There have been so many before me and the evidence is apparent as I am unable to find those nuggets I so obsess over. I know they rest in someone’s baskets or jars and that is OK with me because I know there are more, somewhere and the quest to find them is what keeps me going. One of the bonuses of this experience is you really just don’t know what you will find or encounter in the process, and I have seen so much.

As I touch the aqua blue triangular shape around my neck I wonder… Who are you? What did you serve? Who did you serve and are they still here today? What journey did you take within the sea to become so beautiful and valuable to me today? How long did it take you on your journey to arrive to land? You had a previous life, and when you were no longer valued you were tossed into the sea as garbage, only to be reborn again, upon our shorelines as what is now known as a man-made gem. Who would have known? Certainly not those who created them. But I thank you, whoever threw you away, you have given me joy and wonder.