Pacific Zen Box Video


SOLD $35 Pacific Zen Box – Box filled with cleaned and sifted pacific sand, a basalt rubbing stone, a beach stick with a bottle of itty bitty mixed sea glass colours found off Victoria BC, Canada.

This is a great little distraction away from the stresses of life. Sometimes we wish we could just magically appear at the beach, with our toes in the water. This little imaginary kit allows you to play in the sand, discover sea glass, draw patterns and rub a soft stone on our hands. Build a sea glass castle even!

Published by: Maria Chantelle

Maria is currently a Communications and Technology (MA) graduate student at the University of Alberta and has a BA in Image Arts from Ryerson University. She is interested in how technology shapes our culture and more specifically, how technology affects sensitive people. Her favourite photography subjects include nature and wildlife but she also loves photographing people, landscapes and inanimate objects. When not taking pictures she can be found making websites and digging for sea glass.

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